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Re: proel volume/expression pedals

Hi, Rich
I use volume pedals essentially as you describe, mainly  in front of
delay-looping devices to control input. Believe me, I've tried Roland FV
Low impedance, Proel, even those crappy Rolls...NONE of 'em would
completely screen the delay from leaked audio, until I got an EBall...which
was $130+ for stereo! (from Guitar Heaven). I'd LOVE to find a workable
cheaper pedal...I've even tried having a tech modify the Rolands, to no
I'm OK with the Roland pedals as returns to mixer chanels from outboard fx,
but not as sends. I prefer EV5, or Proel exp pedals to control input or
level parameters in the fx itself.

<<these pedals would be used with my mixer aux sends.  i'll have the
aux sends pots up to unity gain, then use the volume pedals to
control input to jamman and mofx.  then these will return to their
own channels on the mixer.

are you sure about them not going all the way off?  that would
definitely put a cramp in my proposed setup.  100 bucks a pop for the
ernie ball boat anchors is a bit steep for me.>>