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Re: proel volume/expression pedals

Same experience here - I'll add the Dunlop GCB-81 (or was it 80?) and 
Roland FV-300 volume pedals to the list of pedals that don't 'go to 0'.  I 
use them in front of the preamp and for low-gain clean guitar sounds 
they're ok - but hi-gain distortion, only ErnieBall results in nothing 
getting thru to the pre.


At 03:30 PM 2001/11/19 -0500, David wrote:

>Hi, Rich
>I use volume pedals essentially as you describe, mainly  in front of
>delay-looping devices to control input. Believe me, I've tried Roland FV
>Low impedance, Proel, even those crappy Rolls...NONE of 'em would
>completely screen the delay from leaked audio, until I got an 
>was $130+ for stereo! (from Guitar Heaven). I'd LOVE to find a workable
>cheaper pedal...I've even tried having a tech modify the Rolands, to no
>I'm OK with the Roland pedals as returns to mixer chanels from outboard 
>but not as sends. I prefer EV5, or Proel exp pedals to control input or
>level parameters in the fx itself.