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Re: Frippertronic label - a possible reason?

> when we went up to say hello, 
> we were barely able to get two syllables from the guy the whole 
> evening.  whatever.

As a contrast, after the last Butthole Surfers concert here
in New York, Paul Leary (their brilliant guitarist) came
out and talked to everyone, signed every autograph that
came to him, answered all the stupid questions(*), and radiated
affection for the fans... even though they were packing to 
leave for Atlanta in less than an hour.

I've hung out with other famous bands before and I have to
say that (with the exception of Fripp who's almost pathologically
reclusive!) that the better players they are, the more likely
the musicians are to be confident enough to hang out with 
the fans without any attitude.


(* -- mine were particularly dumb.)


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