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Re: Frippertronic label - a possible reason?

Title: Re: Frippertronic label - a possible reason?
when Boyd Rice (Non) used the term "rhythm and noise" to describe what he did on a particular recording, the leader of the band Rhythm and Noise was justifiably annoyed.

useless little side story:

was living in denver, co, early 94-late 95...and we see a flyer, (then) local Boyd Rice is spinning discs at a local watering hole, the Lion's Den.  Boyd Rice! my wife and i exclaim...zowee...gotta go check this out!

so we saunter on down to the bar with a couple of friends (also big noise/experimental fans) and proceed to watch boyd put in a pre-made compilation tape of various stuff, which allowed him ample time to go get his free beer and sit quietly in the corner of the bar, looking all loner like and sorry for himself.  when we went up to say hello, we were barely able to get two syllables from the guy the whole evening.  whatever.

interestingly, i got a similar response from jason pierce and spiritualized when they came through town.  giving monosyllabic grunts to folks who take the time to come and see you and are interested in some sort of conversation with you is really amazing to me.  especially when these folks aren't exactly Madonna or Britney or Michael Jackson...with people clamoring onto their limo and shit.  No, this is one guy, coming down to an empty club in the middle of the day, walking up to the band and saying "hey, i'm a big fan of yours, how are you all doing?  how's the tour?"


and i'm at Virgin Megastore in Hollywood last weekend and they have a flyer up with a contest.  Win a chance to meet and interact with Jason Pierce of Spiritualized!  Wow.  i can hardly wait!  where's the entry form!?!?!