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meet'n'greets Was: Re: Frippertronic label - a possible reason?

> > when we went up to say hello,  we were barely able to get two
> syllables from the guy the whole  evening.  whatever.
> As a contrast, after the last Butthole Surfers concert here in New
> York, Paul Leary (their brilliant guitarist) came out and talked to
> everyone, signed every autograph that came to him, answered all the
> stupid questions(*), and radiated affection for the fans... even
> though they were packing to leave for Atlanta in less than an hour.

Well since it's off topic anyway...  :)

A year or two (maybe more?) ago Adrian Belew did his small club tour
called "Coming Attractions" where he played solo material from Crimson,
the Bears, his various solo projects, etc. he came out on-stage and
spoke to the audience, took questions in between the sets (while still
on-stage) and then came out in the audience and chatted/signed
autographs until everyone had their fill. granted this was a small scale
show and the purpose was to try out some new stuff and get some feedback
but it was a *very* nice way to go about doing it that certainly made me
like the guy even more :)