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Re: proel volume/expression pedals

I am using exclusively these pedals.  They work quite well for me.  I
use them both as volume control pedals, controlling e.g. EDP's volume
and feedback (through midi or directly), expression pedal for other
midi controls (through my Yamaha MFC 10), etc.  The only potential
disadvantage might be for some that they are lightweight.  But you can
always add some little rocks to the bottom :-)  The pot works for
defining the minimum volume.  I don't have any comparison to other


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From: rich <rich@nuvisionsca.com>
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Sent: Monday, November 19, 2001 9:09 AM
Subject: OT: proel volume/expression pedals

> hey all,
> i know this has been discussed briefly before, but i'm looking into
> buying a few of the Proel stereo volume pedals.  They have 100k
> linear pots in them.
> can anybody give a brief analysis of this pot for use as an
> expression pedal?  their initial use will definitely be for volume
> pedals, but can i use them as expression pedals?  how would they
> compare to the expression pedals i have now?  i have a boss EV5 and
> line6 pedal.
> i know the big aluminum ernie ball pedals get used as exp. pedals a
> lot.  what is the potentiometer in those pedals?
> any info is appreciated.  does anybody have any experience with the
> proel pedals?
> best,
> rich