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King Crimson in Las Vegas

Saw Crimson sat. night at the House of Blues. First off Adrian had no
tuning fork sticking out of his guitar. The show was good, but I've seen
them on better nights. The house was full even though the Brittany
Spears concert was the same night, which Adrian mentioned and thanked
everyone for not going to see her instead. Adrian seemed tired. There
was some looping. It seems eveyone on this list totally over looked Pat
Mastelloto the drummer. From where I was sitting I could see his setup.
I was in the skybox right above the stage on stage left. Pat had tons of
gear. some things I could see were an Akai sampler, and edp, an
electribe which he was playing with at the intro of the concert, him and
Adrian both had Roland Handsonics, which pat was using the sequencer in
the handsonic at one point. It seems Robert has run this version of
Crimson into the ground. I think he should go back to more acoustic
instrument, Flutes, saxes, violins maybe do another classical style
album like Islands. I remember reading an artical by Fripp in  the
"Larks" period and he said he does'nt listen to any music in his spare
time because he does'nt want to be influenced by anything, occasinally
he would listen to some classical music. BongoBillyBuddha