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Re: proel volume/expression pedals

hey loopers,

thanks again for the volume pedal input, OT as it may be...or is it?

called the local Mars Music, and they had an Ernie Ball stereo pan 
pedal for $109.  i think the guy had the wrong price, but i didn't 
argue with him.  i thought, "i'll go get it and take it back if it 
doesn't work".

aux send 1 into L in, aux send 2 into R in.  L out goes to Jamman, R 
out goes to MoFx.  Jammie and MoFx return to channels on the mixer. 
so i'm trying to figure out how this pedal works with the little 
switchy thang on the side.

just pushing the pedal up gives input to both units.  hitting the 
switch on the side by moving your toe to the left to engage it puts 
the pedal in 'pan' mode, where toe down sends audio to the L output 
and toe up sends audio to the R output.  hitting the switch again 
puts you back in standard volume mode.

so with one pedal, you can send stuff to either one unit or the 
other, or both (by being in just volume mode).

neat.  but not gonna work for me i think.

when i'm in pan mode, there's no way to drop the signal out of one 
unit without bringing it into the other.  "fine, i'll just hit the 
switch into the other mode, and back out of the volume normally". 
unfortunately, it's going to be dependent on where the pedal is at 
the time, and the mode switch gives a little 'click' that enters the 
delay line, which is just terrific with long decay rates, as you can 
imagine...and just kills the mood of my fripperscape, y'know?

a little to much "where am i?" guessing and tap dancing for me.  i'm 
going to try two proel pedals and see if they work for me.  if not, 
i'll use the Eball in mono mode and have to bite the bullet and get 
another one.

this is just one night of work, though.  i'm gonna see if that setup 
has any secrets while i've got 30 days to try the darn pedal out.