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Re: King Crimson in Las Vegas

"William Mcallister" <BILLYBUDDHA@webtv.net> wrote:

> Saw Crimson sat. night at the House of Blues. First off Adrian had no
> tuning fork sticking out of his guitar. The show was good, but I've seen
> them on better nights. The house was full even though the Brittany
> Spears concert was the same night, which Adrian mentioned and thanked
> everyone for not going to see her instead. Adrian seemed tired.

Lost Wages will do that to you though.  What was the previous venue?

> It seems Robert has run this version of
> Crimson into the ground.

How so?  I thought the new format was a different, more hard one.

> I remember reading an artical by Fripp in  the
> "Larks" period and he said he does'nt listen to any music in his spare
> time because he does'nt want to be influenced by anything, occasinally
> he would listen to some classical music. BongoBillyBuddha

I found this also quite easy during the period where I didn't have a car,
and therefore couldn't go to my favorite store, Poobahs in Pasadena.
Therefore, no additions of cd's beyond Christmas gifts, you know?  Great
used section though.

Stephen Goodman
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