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Re: KC; Lawson's Missive and Originality...

Rich Wrote:

<<<<<"I would venture to say (could be 
wrong) that we are all folk musicians in a loopy sense.  hasn't a lot 
of what we do been done before?  why are we still fascinated with it 
as a methodology and technique?  possibly because it's a portal 
through which we can express 'ourselves'?"


I do agree with that concept & I would expand upon it using a sorta 
but perhaps broader "defining" canvas.

This particular reference to folk music also makes me think of a film clip 
saw broadcast during an Documentary piece on PBS concerning the actor, 
Gregory Peck.

Now I have never really been a great G. Peck fan nor am i really even that 
familiar with much of his work as an actor.

But the documentary I saw held my attention on a number of levels which 
both both personal and from a perspective of craft.

I was & still am deeply interested in examining an actors relationship 
various characteization, acting methodologiess and contrasting that stuff 
with the role and function of a musician ( & also on a more superficial 
i was thinking "damn i hope i look that good if i am fortunate enuff to 
it to G. Peck's age)".

But at some point in the film, G. Peck was giving a lecture while 
at a College-Univ. which was located somewhere in Ireland if i recall.

& at a point during a Q&A session with students at this Irish 
College-University, someone from the audience asked Mr. Peck a question 
was essentially more or less along the lines of how he would personally 
to be remembered.

G. Peck thought for a few seconds and looked quite serious and then 
quickly a 
shy smile appeared upon his face.

He replied that he wanted to remembered as being a "good family man" and 
as "a good story teller"....and he repeated the words "That he was a good 
story teller".

That struck me as a simple, eloquent and more or less as the equivalent of 
what we all sorta do (IMHO) in just about any or all creative capacities 
(IMHO) whether we are conscious or unaware of it.

And for me (once again IMHO) the best way for me to describe the "all" of 
what I do and the "essence" of "it" without diminishing "it" or weighting 
"it" down.

But rather for more accuracy and succinct communication as a starting 
those very simple words G. Peck spoke nailed "it" while implying all i (& 
perhaps we IMHO) can't articulate so well in a short blurb.

Warm Regards,
John Price/AKASH
"Remember To Always Kill Your Expectations"
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