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Fripp, Duchamp, Urinating paintings and.......... Limp Bizkit

I think all this debate is silly, we're talking about Modern Art or Contemporary aesthetics, a ground which both B& F had helped bring Rock Music to the foray of. It's not to be meant to be science, it's not the telephone we're talking about there. I believe the word adjucate "taken possesion of" is to be used here, just like Marcel Duchamp's ReadyMade's when you compare them to Rauschenberg's Found Materials.
Now let's bash someone far more younger and more important to the survival of our musical sense. Don't you agree with me that Limp Biskit is the rock equivalent of N' Sync? The musicians are very well qualified by what I can see in the videos. And I believe the guitarrist had a history of being a forward thinking in the past (he taps for godsakes), which he reveals when he mentions Naked City in his interviews. He's obviously in it for the money. In the meantime this drivel clutters up the aural "soundscape" (i was going to use landscape :P).
c'mon let's bash someone who'sa bit ahead in the industry!