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(OT) Who wants to review Claude's new album for the list ?


Its a great joy to announce to my prefered loopy community that I made
it. its out.
the "brand new from the factory" CD of [SeeWhat?
"Electro/Acoustic/Ambient"][ Disques Office ref. 65315] is in my hands
the national distribution in switzerland is done by Disques Office
fribourg (official release december)

Its 63 min long, 11 compositions, all instrumental, loopy, hypnotic and
>From the liner:
This was recorded in two days, mixed in seven during aug/sept 2001 at
studio ARTEFAX in Lausanne Switzerland by Bernie Amaudruz. All music was
performed/recorded in realtime as a live performance. This recording is
totally faithful to the variety, excitement or boredom you may
experience seeing me playing live. SeeWhat? is a solo project of Claude
Voit. Sequencers, loopers, analog and digital processes, midi
automations/processes, midi pickups, slides, needles, bows etc... were
used and triggered by hand and feets. But, the start of any sound is the
acoustic guitar.

It is really hard for me to write about this music: my english is so
limited and frankly, I've been playing and creating this music without
any concious reference to labels,artists that may follow a similar path,
I would like to send some cd's to anybody that would be eventually
interested to make a colourfull review for the list in mature english.

Merci beaucoup


some links to my music for the Chaintape collective (mp3)


and a cool review (in french) of one of my stage appearance

And a lot more to come.....