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R: bass sound with guitar

You could try that, the midi fretless sound is not that good, but it is
usable. I had the same problem and pretty much solved it by using a 7 
guitar with  thick flatwound strings (011-056), mixing a bit of octaver (in
parallel) and playing fingerstile. Another solution (a tad pricier) could 
getting a warr guitar (or austin douglas) or a double neck (I think
danelectro builds a doubleneck with guitar and bass necks).
Some Boss and Roland guitar processors (Vf-1 etc...) also have a fretless
emulator (they call it de-fretter, I think, I tried it sometime ago, but
wasn't really impressed by the result)

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Subject: bass sound with guitar

> I'd love to be able to sometimes play bass on my guitar. The harmonizer
> settings suck. My dream would be a real good fretless bass sound. What
> methods are available? If I had a Roland hexaphonic pickup, could I 
> fretless bass sound with some synth or VG8 like device?
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