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Re: bass sound with guitar

I agree. There is no substitute for the real thing.

But, since our group had no real bass player for many years, I used my Roland GR-30 to get low bass-like tones from my guitar. I used a real Fender bass amp though. This set-up
worked fine.

Most of the stock settings for bass on the VG-8 are weak, even through a bass amp. The Yes Bass is almost OK. I'd go with a GR.

As a bass player, I have to say that this would really only be possible with
a fretless bass. But I'm sure that someone on here can recommend a machine
that imitates some of the characteristics of a fretless bass. But for "real
good fretless bass sound", there really is only one option...

My dream would be a real good fretless bass sound. What
methods are available?
Doug Miller
Graphic Designer