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Re: Max in hardware?

>That's what I was hoping the Opcode Studio 5 was going to be, and I 
>was very disappointed when I got my beta unit and it couldn't do 
>that. Nevertheless I've found that the patching and remapping 
>functions of the Studio 5 can be useful, and it allows remapping on 
>the fly simply by switching between programs.

Still, the Studio 5 has some pretty amazing mappings.

The one really annoying thing is that the velocity switching doesn't handle
note-ons with velocity 0 properly (ie, note-offs if you use running status,
which about every MIDI machine since the year dot does use) so we were 
to use it for our hypercomplex velocity-controlled switching unless we set
the actual programs in the synth to have a final cutoff regardless of
getting a note off.

There's also the very bad feature that the unit occasionally dumps
its memory and you have to reload it from a computer.  This is common
enough(*) that you'd pretty well have to bring a computer to the gig
and at that point you might as well go the Max route anyway!

It's funny, I haven't turned my Studio 5 on in a couple of years...
I don't use any computer MIDI at all right now, I used to do it
every day!  (I'm doing all my music "live" these days...)

(* -- and admitted by Opcode!)


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