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RE: Max in hardware?

The MOTU Midi Timepiece AV/USB has 8in 8out for midi, extensive
rerouting/remapping capabilities, has the ability to store up to 128
programs of custom setups, can send sequences of up to 4 simultaneous
midi CC/PC or sysex messages (with each patch change), and has 2 1/4
inch jacks for footpedals or switchs that can be assigned to anything
you like.  It even has a jack for beat detect.  And this does not even
cover what it can handle in a recording studio such as ADAT sync, Word
Clock, SMPTE, etc.


> Unfortunately the Studio 5 doesn't have multiple inputs for switches 
> and pedals, so you'd need some other interface to provide conversion 
> from these physical controllers into a mappable MIDI stream. Also 
> unfortunate is the fact that the Studio 5 is two rack units tall. The 
> Studio 4 could work, and it is only one rack unit, but as I recall it 
> can hold only one patch in its internal memory at a time (someone 
> please correct me if I'm wrong).
> Possibly the most compact system would be a Powerbook running Max, a 
> small MIDI interface, and some basically dumb MIDI floor controller 
> that has a sufficient number of switches and/or pedals. All the 
> mapping could be done in Max. An older Powerbook would be sufficient. 
> I've bought several for under $100 each on eBay.
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