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RE: alesis air fx

Wolf, Bill (10:12 AM 11.08.2001) wrote:

 >I can't believe it won't have a midi out.  It would be a great
 >alternative to something like a Kaos pad in addition to the cool
 >theremin stuff.  I'd love to be able to connect it to my Korg Karma.
 >http://www.alesis.com/products/airsynth/index.html (check out the
 >program chart pdf file!)

In the original market model for both boxes, Alesis (actually, the boxes 
are a pet project of the then Prez of Alesis), put a higher priority on 
retail price than features. At one point MIDI was in the plan, but was 
dropped because of the added complexity and development time - i.e, cost.

Before the business issues there were "well substantiated rumblings" about 
a new version coming out that fit into the _original_ plan. i.e. MIDI'd. :)

But, those rumblings "back then" weren't even supposed to hit until Winter 
NAMM 2002, and given the change in hands, there's no telling that they 
ever pan out.

If you're looking for a "hand waving" controller, there are other options. 
One is Paul Perry's SpaceBeam:


It generates CV, not MIDI, but CV->MIDI is around as well.

There're also extensive (i.e. expensive) things like the Buchla Lighting.