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RE: OT: Japanese fuzz box name....

Title: RE: OT: Japanese fuzz box name....

there's something that sounds like this being sold on harmony central right now. not cheap, but not outrageous (at least to me). it's under the hearding "COMPANION FY-2 FUZZ (Fulltone, Muff, Face, Zvex)."

i'm not affiliated so don't ask me about anything . . .


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Sounds like Shin-ei, a quick look around Musictoyz found a mention of them
briefly putting out the Uni-Vibe in the 70's, but I'm sure a little more
research would find your fuzz pedal.

Good luck!


>I'm sorry for this off topic question, but I was talking on the phone, long
>distance to a guy about effect pedals. He mentioned this old sixties
>Japanese fuzz box with "a really old-fashioned fuzz sound", but I couldn't
>hear the brand clearly. It sounded like "Sen Jai" but I don't know Japanese
>Does anyone have a clue what fuzz box this could be?
>Kindest regards
>Per Boysen