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Re: Boomerang

I've been doing this a lot the last year or so using my boomerang, headrush
and DL4 in various serial and parallel configurations.  I don't have any
audio tracks of this on the web, but I do have video!

An excerpt of the recording of that show is just come out on a new
compilation, so it'll probably be up on the web somewhere soon.

I also have a configuration diagram of one of my early configurations at:

Lately for my solo gigs, I've been doing this:
Bass/Cello -> Volume Pedal -> Boss DD3 -> Boss DD5 -> Headrush -> DL4 ->
Boomerang -> Boss Reverb Pedal -> amp

I've been integrating my repeater into group situations, but I haven't had 
solo gig since I got it so I'm not sure how it will work into my


On 11/8/01 11:09 AM, "Mike Feeney" <feeneymike@yahoo.com> wrote:

>   Just a random note ...
>   I started playing with the decay rates on the Boomerang last night,
> effectively using it as a tap-tempo delay unit and with that in 
> with my Boss digital delay was able to do some groovy things that I 
> previously been able ... I was pretty happy about that because I hadn't
> really been using the 'Rang for much since I bought it.
>   Guess I should read manuals more often, eh?  =)
>   Anyone have some examples of multiple delay units going on like this at
> the same time that I could download and hear?  Thanks!!
>   Mike
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