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Re: alesis air fx

by the looks of the RCA conntectors, I'd say that a big reason this device
isn't MIDI is because they're really looking at the DJ market, which from 
I'm sitting, doesn't seem to care much about MIDI.  I was actually 
the KAOSS pad did have it.


Mark Pulver wrote:

> Wolf, Bill (10:12 AM 11.08.2001) wrote:
>  >I can't believe it won't have a midi out.  It would be a great
>  >alternative to something like a Kaos pad in addition to the cool
>  >theremin stuff.  I'd love to be able to connect it to my Korg Karma.
>  >
>  >http://www.alesis.com/products/airsynth/index.html (check out the
>  >program chart pdf file!)
> In the original market model for both boxes, Alesis (actually, the boxes
> are a pet project of the then Prez of Alesis), put a higher priority on
> retail price than features. At one point MIDI was in the plan, but was
> dropped because of the added complexity and development time - i.e, cost.
> Before the business issues there were "well substantiated rumblings" 
> a new version coming out that fit into the _original_ plan. i.e. MIDI'd. 
> But, those rumblings "back then" weren't even supposed to hit until 
> NAMM 2002, and given the change in hands, there's no telling that they 
> ever pan out.
> If you're looking for a "hand waving" controller, there are other 
> One is Paul Perry's SpaceBeam:
>    http://www.frostwave.com/spacebeam/
> It generates CV, not MIDI, but CV->MIDI is around as well.
> There're also extensive (i.e. expensive) things like the Buchla 
>Lighting. :)
>    http://www.buchla.com/lightning/index.html
> Mark