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Re: Gig spam: Tuesday 11-13-01, (PTSMC)

>  >>> *Pine Tree State Mind Control <http://ptsmc.org/> uses
>>>>  subliminal messages
>>>>  and hypnosis techniques to create a happy, productive society.
>>>  Please tell me how the presentation (he does not want to call it
>>>  "concert") works and how public reacts.
>>  The way it's been described to me, their set "will feature a speech, 
>  > overhead projector work, and loops." I have no idea what to expect!

Mark said:
>yes I feel much better now and I'm up to 16 % more productive and happy.
>I love you, leader.

Well, there is nothing agressive on the site, and someone that 
believes in what he does and even shows some self-critical side like 
in this case, should be taken serious for a start, because he may 
discover something serious.

Then if noone exeeds your 16%, we tell him to stop ;-)

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org