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Re: Gig spam: Tuesday 11-13-01, Boston-area

At 08:33 PM 11/6/01 -0800, you wrote:
>>>> *Pine Tree State Mind Control <http://ptsmc.org/> uses
>>>> subliminal messages
>>>> and hypnosis techniques to create a happy, productive society.

>yes I feel much better now and I'm up to 16 % more productive and happy.
>I love you, leader.

I like how they've included all the negative reviews where people didn't
understand the tongue-in-cheekness of PTSMC's 'propaganda' campaign. This
should be interesting at least.

The set I'm playing should be, too; Butch (the guy I'm backing) called me
because I've used some odd hybrid homemade instruments in the past, which
is what he wanted me to do Tuesday night. Well, due to the continual flux
of those instruments where I'm constantly ransacking stuff for parts
(pickups, bridges, etc.), none of the real weirdos are gig-ready, so I'll
be using a sort-of conventional guitar much of the time. Butch has
instructed me that I should at all times avoid making any sounds that
remotely resemble a conventional guitar or bass. Should be fun!