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Re: Gig spam: Tuesday 11-13-01, Boston-area

Some of the Bosto-loopers were wondering about the door time on this; I'm
still not sure what time they're letting people in, but I'm getting there
by 7 for setup, and am pretty sure our set starts at 9:00 (we're first...).
The club's phone # is (978)681-5353.

Hopefully someone'll bring a camera so we can have some photographic
evidence of the Northeastern LD T-Shirt Convention!

At 07:28 PM 11/5/01 -0500, Tim Nelson wrote:
>Here's that gig spam I warned yer about:
>When: Tuesday evening, November 13th 
>Where: Sydney's, 337 Essex St., Lawrence, Massachussetts
>What: A noisy, loop-heavy multimedia thing
>Who: (not sure in what order yet, but):
>       *Horchata <http://www.zero1media.com/horchata/> dark ambient 
>sounds by Mike Palace.
>       *Pine Tree State Mind Control <http://ptsmc.org/> uses subliminal 
>and hypnosis techniques to create a happy, productive society.
>       *Turpentine Consumption <http://members.tripod.com/~tconsumption/> 
>been described as 'The Andy Kaufman of Noise', so who knows what to 
>       *GKL is Shervin Fatehi, from MIT.  He'll be reading some poetry 
>PTSMC plays in the background.  It will be more of a power electronics 
>       *Butch, which this time will be:
>       Butch Heilshorn: vocals (mutated and otherwise), circuit-bent stuff
>       Dustin Ruoff: Samples, loops, film projector, et cet'ra
>       Tim Nelson: Clandestine guitar, theremin, loops, devices.
>Directions to Sydneys from Boston:
>93 North
>495 North
>Exit Winthrop Ave/114 West
>go straight past Showcase Cinemas
>Bear right at Sovereign Bank & Pizza By Ozzie onto Parker St
>Go under bridge/train tracks
>Go across another bridge
>Turn right onto Canal St
>Turn left at the "one way" sign
>Turn left onto Essex St
>Syndey's is 337 Essex St
>The club still bears the name "Ye Loft & Ladle" and usually has lots
>of white Xmass lights outside.
>Shows are downstairs.
>Hope to see ya there!