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Re: nyc loopfest thoughts

>let me take this moment to scream STOPPP! honestly, do we really need a
>trade show? a convention? WORKSHOPS?
>*shudder. the general music-listening public understands the concept of
>looping. i don't think we need to turn a good idea
>for a concert into some sort of high tech show and tell.

this is certainly a good point.

I'm certainly of two minds which way to go.

> > >If we do such a large thing (and I'm still VERY open to
> > >having two or three groups get together and play a
> > >night at the Knit) I'm going to need help with the
> > >organization of this.
>why only two or three, and when did the knit become a far-off alternative?

Or something in between -- I'm describing the extremes here!

However -- I suspect we are going to have some trouble getting
a really decent slot at the Knitting Factory.  Perhaps it's a
failure of my imagination but all I've ever been able to book
so far is one of the two lower rooms for a few hours... we
won't be able to get too many acts there.

> > >The moment we introduce live drums, we move the PA requirements
> > >up if he's a hard-hitting rock drummer.

because the noise level we need to be able to generate to compete with
a hard-hitting rock drummer is a lot greater than what we need
for just electronic acts!

>but how is running a couple drum mics and a vocal mic that much harder
>to running several line feeds, which I imagine the majority of laptop/rack
>gear performers to be requiring?

It's by no means an insuperable issue but it will require more
setting up and more PA as compared to electronic/vox things.

There are also venues that won't allow live drums, I'm afraid --
I suspect one of the three Chashama spaces has that restriction.

> > >I'm going to write up a logistical plan based on about two dozen 
> > >performers attending the conference (meeting? collective? hang?
> > >activity? thing?)
> > >perhaps another three dozen drop-ins who'd come to see the workshops
>yeah, i mean, if this has officially morphed into a conference, i 
>but if it's still open to debate, i couldn't be more
>adamant about keeping this simply a performance.

Clear enough.

I'm absolutely not sure that you aren't right.

>i dont think this should cost anything. i realize this is perhaps a tall
>order, but for this to succeed i think it's the only way.

If we did a conference somewhere in New York, it'd have to cost money.
How would we do it for free?  Even if we use not-for-profit spaces
like Chashama, they'd require SOME payment.  If it was a for-pay space,
it'd cost thousands!

>$10-$15 is a bit silly. $20-60 is unfathomable. overextending, definitely.


$60 for a three day conference in New York City is nothing, you'd pay
more than that for a science-fiction convention!

I'm CERTAINLY by no means wedded to the idea.

I proposed it because I was having trouble coming up with
a smaller plan that I believed would work.

The idea was to
   1) somehow fit in all the people who've expressed interest
   2) make it attractive for people to come from out of town
   3) have a chance for people to play together randomly ("jamming")
      and actually meet each other.

The earlier plan had nine acts in a night but this is seeming
to be very hard to pull off and stressful, particularly
with some of the rather difficult setups we have.
And nine is still about half of the people who want to play.

I really appreciate the feedback -- I really am insecure about
deciding what will work best for everyone else.

Tell me, everyone -- what are you looking for?

What are your goals here?

What would make this really succeed?

I don't care about "big", I just want it to "work".
I'd rather have a great loop jam in someone's living
room than a huge conference that was just a hassle.


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