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in ear monitors...

hi all,

seeing the thread developing about in ear monitors, and thought i 
would pass on some info:


check out this site...or google search "musician earplugs".  i had a 
local audiologist mold custom earplugs for me when i was playing bass 
for a pretty loud band.  they are awesome.  they fit so nice, and 
don't tend to muddy up the sound as the squishy over the counter 
one's do.  plus, they have variable attenuator filters that you can 
pop in, like -9db, -15db, and -25db.  it ended up that the -9 ones 
worked pretty good for me, so i could still hear what was happening 
music-wise.  (although i went to a gun firing range once, and the 
-25db filters were excellent for that!)

i wish i had these things ten years ago when i was really smashing my 

anyways...a local audiologist can do the molds, and then they send 
the molds in for the earplugs to be made.  from what i know, these 
same molds can also be used to make the plug that the in-ear monitors 
go into, as well.