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Loop Shirts: Fun Facts.

Number of individual Address' Shipped to:
    18 to California
     4  to New York
     3  to Oregon
     3 to the United Kingdom
     2 each to Germany, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania
     1 each Washington State, Utah, New Mexico, and Texas
     1 each New Hampshire, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio
     1 each Georgia and Florida
     1 each Japan, Canada,  and Brazil (by way of California)

California must be the Looper Shangri-La or something,
Is it in the water or the air?

Special thanks to Alto Music, in his unceasing support of
us Looper folks. As if all the 'group buys' weren't enough,
Jon bought 10 shirts for his staff!  Yeah!

A couple of orders will not be shipped right away, because of
a screw up at the printer.  We are going to address this as soon
as possible, so don't dismay!