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RE: Hypercardioid microphones (+ Tabla/C1000 content)

Though I'm not sure if it is technically a hyper-cardioid  mic, the Audio
Technica 4055, the handheld cardioid microphone member of the great AT40
series of mics is a worthy candidate. This thing sounds much like my large
diaphram 4050, but much better stage friendly feedback reduction, very low
handling noise, and absolutely stunning sound, very open and transparant.
I've used it on vocals, acoustic guitars, and have heard it used on hand
drums and even pianos with great results, I gave one to my girlfreind for
Christmas last year, and let me tell you fellas, it was the right thing to
do. I actually lucked in to a b-stock one that had been used at the 2000
Grammys which got me to wondering if Celine Dion or Britney Spears might
have breathed on it. One can only hope....