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RE: Hypercartiod microphones (+ Tabla content)

Hello Stephen, I use the Shure PSM 400 wireless monitor system and I
love it. It comes with the E1 earphone which is O.K. but lacks a some of
the bottom end frequency. Just up grade to the E5 earphone after you
save up a little money. It also has a 4 channel mixer so you can design
your own mix. What I do is take the main mix in one channel, The
keyboard or sequencer in another channel (because as you know you've got
to be right on that sequece if your the drummer) the bass guitar in
another channel so the rhythm section is right in the pocket, and my
didjeridoo in another channel bcause thats a hard to hear instrumen. If
I'm in a song and I cant hear something I just reach over and turn it
up. But remember always start with the lowest mix possible, For hearing
sake. Also if something gets to loud, like guitar feedback or a
microphone  the  volume limiter  cuts it off. I think there much better
than floor monitors and more versatile. What other instruments do you
play? whats your setup? Take care,  Bill