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Re: OT: Ought-1 Festival, Aug. 25-26, Montpelier, VT

I, too, will be there.  Although i'm not
sure when i'm arriving or departing.  Or
what the heck to expect at all, come to
think of it.  But i am very much looking
forward to it...  Too bad those damned
t-shirts aren't ready yet.

How big is this thing, anyway--that is,
what is expected attendance, anyone know?

peter koniuto

>><http://www.kalvos.org/ought1.html> (The Woodstock of Non-Pop)
>>Mostly OT due to low loop content
>I'm going!  What do you have against low loops? - thought there were 
>plenty of low-end guys here.    Seriously, my concert of solo 
>processed/looped tuba is Sunday night - I'll look for you guys and catch 
>you if I can.  Still looking for maybe another gig in that general area - 
>have a few dark days before playing in NYC on Thursday, Aug. 30 - wanna 
>a triple-bill in New England, etc.?