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Kill switch?

After messing about with the Boss RC-20 for about a month now, I'd have to
say that my biggest problem with it is the lack of separate wet and dry
outputs. Because there's only the one combined out, when I'm not actually
overdubbing onto the loop, the straight signal gangs up with the signal
that's going through its own channel on the board, resulting in a boosted
straight input when I'm playing and a comparative drop in the loop's volume
when I'm not. It also messes with the straight signal's pan position when
I'm doing a stereo spread. I'd love to be able to turn down the dry signal
since it's already being amplified on another channel.

The Headrush has the same problem, but it seems even more pronounced on the

This brings me to my question: does anyone know of an available device
which would function as a kill switch for the dry signal going into the
looper? It would be like putting a volume pedal on the input signal, except
that it would be either on or off with no intermediate travel, it must have
a very small footprint due to limited available remaining pedalboard real
estate, and it would preferably have an LED to indicate signal pass/bypass

I suppose I could wire up a simple version myself with no LED, or use an
A/B box and connect only one of the outputs, but I would like to know if
anyone makes a switch pedal specifically designed for this purpose.

np: Mick Karn: the tooth mother