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Re: Kill switch?

At 12:16 PM 8/4/01 -0500, you wrote:
>On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Tim Nelson wrote:
>> This brings me to my question: does anyone know of an available device
>> which would function as a kill switch (etc)

>Have you looked into a pedal tuner that has a mute function? I know the
>Boss TU-2 does it. And Arion used to make an inexpensive non-chromatic
>version that had a mute function. 

I had thought of that, as well as using an a/b with only one side hooked
up, or applying a pedal that wasn't being used and leaving the battery out,
as long as it had true bypass so it would still pass the dry signal.

The problem, though, is that there's still the situation I described in the
"Too many loopers, not enough auxes" thread a couple of weeks ago; I'm
already using an ABY on that line to switch between a couple of loopers. I
just wish that instead of "A or B or BOTH" it could do "A or B or NEITHER".

I may have found a solution, however. Replacing the a/b with something like
a Whirlwind Multi-Selector FP <http://www.whirlwindusa.com/selec.html>
would allow me to have multiple devices on that send yet still be able to
control the signal flow with a minimum of pedals and switch-dancing. (The
loopers would all come back to their own channels on the board...)

I still have a couple of questions about it, though.

1) Does anyone on the list have experience with the Multi-Selector? If so,
I'd like to hear your opinion of it. Is it fairly acoustically transparent?
Does it allow you to select more than one of the outs at a time? Does it
allow you to turn all of them off at the same time, or would I have to
leave an out unconnected to accomplish the mute function?

2) Does anyone know of similar devices by other manufacturers that do the
same thing? (I've seen the Kendrick ABC, but I know there have to be more
multi-out, non-midi, foot-controlled audio routing boxes out there.)

3) Since so many folks on the list are in music equipment retail (Krazy
Kat, Alto, etc.) does anyone know of a better price on the Whirlwind
Multi-Selector FP than the $230+ I've found so far online?



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