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OT: Ought-1 Festival, Aug. 25-26, Montpelier, VT

<http://www.kalvos.org/ought1.html> (The Woodstock of Non-Pop)

Mostly OT due to low loop content, but I was wondering if anyone from the
list besides Dr. Zvonar and myself will be in attendance, and if so, would
the secret sign of the thumb and index finger raised to the forehead in the
shape of an 'L' be appropriate? It would help listmembers recognize each
other, but if nobody else is gonna do it, I'm not gonna walk around like
that. Maybe the t-shirts would be better...

Seriously, though, note that the venue has been changed; it'll be in
Montpelier now instead of Plainfield. Too BIG for Plainfield...

Anyone going?