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RE: MP3 questions...

Look also into a tool called "Renamer," by Albert Bertilsson.  It's free.
There's also a Web ring dedicated to free renaming tools.

This free utility allows you to grab whole groups of MP3 files in one or
more folders, and make changes to the MP3 info of each file.  You could
take, say, all the MP3 files for a specific album, and make them all be
uniform for album name, copyright information, etc.

Renamer would allow you to take the bunch of WAVs and edit all the MP3
information that is common among them, at one time.

Winamp and Renamer allow you to edit information in one at a time as well.


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  | Get a copy of the free WinAmp (http://www.winamp.com) - and
  | just hit Alt-F3
  | to edit the MP3 info.