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RE: attn newcomers (and Kim)

>It sucks being new at anything!! DO YOU REMEMBER?!!!! I am completely new 
>this whole digital audio world.  I stepped away from live sound
>re-enforcement (i.e. soundboard man) in the early eighties.  I'm 45, no 
>(most of the time), but walking into digital sound creation makes my head

If there's one thing with modern gear, it's that you have to
REALLY read and learn to LOVE the manual and go over and over
it before you can understand the piece.

I don't mean something like the Line6 DL4, mind you, I've never
really read the manual too carefully and I have a great time
with the unit just by experimenting.

But something like an EDP, or even more, an Eventide/Orville/Kyma...
you gotta read the manual until it's dog-eared!

(and the same goes for sound machines like a Kurzweil...)


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