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RE: I hope this doesn't strain Gibson's advertising budget.......

At 1:10 AM -0700 5/23/01, Kim Flint wrote:
>At 11:40 AM -0700 5/22/01, Richard Zvonar wrote:
>  >Very interesting account of the OB-Mx, Zeta, and G-WIZ.
>I guess so, if you like fiction.

Yep, definitely in the cheezy fantasy fiction camp.

>I actually worked at g-wiz through almost it's entire duration, and worked
>directly with that Lynx fellow on projects chronicled on that site. That
>site is a lot of crap if you ask me. Absurd to the point that I think it 
>really funny, and certainly not reflecting any reality I experienced. That
>guy was pretty out there when I knew him, and apparently went even further
>out after that. But hey, if you want to believe him that's up to you.

I also worked at "the wiz" during a lot of the time mentioned in the 
"Lynx Chronicles". While Kim and I may be on opposite sides of the 
Gibson "Practical Business" vs. "Evil Empire" debate, we are in 100% 
agreement about Lynx.

Lynx seemed to be visiting G-WIZ from another planet and sending his 
observations home to his alien overlords. There is so much wrong with 
his account I don't know where to start.

>I can tell you more details in private if you want to know the actual
>story. I don't think it's really an appropriate topic for this forum.

Actually keeping this private might be a good idea in light of Lynx's 
litigious leanings.


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