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Re: goodbye and thanks

uhhh,  ...it's not a competition there fruitloop.  so put down the 
jimmy page act and step slowly away from your 7th grade fascination 
with "the occult."  see, all that's been done before little billy. 
so, stop acting like a pompus dumbass, put the guitar down and stop 
using multiple exclamation points.

here's a real spooky one, you madman you, "if you listen to fools the 
mob rules."

beat it punk,

please, no one write me and tell me "if you don't have anything nice 
to say please take your toys and go home."  this idiot deserves it. 
he wouldn't know a "junkie/world traveller"  if he was run over by 

>ps;;i to have been a sex fiend,junkie,world traveler,avid
>reader,writer,"madman"(as opposed to being normal.gawd forbid)and all
>those other attributes the reader "accuses"?? Big Al of......I couldnt
>get into the mountain climbing bit,tho.                     Dont make
>you a bad person!!!! thanks again all for your feedback,gotta move
>on,this is a biiiiiggggg internet!!!                and,by the way,i
>dont stay home,but living in the Big Apple,i am out every night ,and i
>do hear it all.But unlike my friend,who couldnt put in the time,and
>couldnt stand the competition he had to endure to became a really good
>guitarist,i will not sell all my guitars and buy boxes and machines and
>turntables to make it easy on myself!!I will still work hard at my
>craft,practicing and writing for hours every day to achieve my
>will,which is to be the best damn guitar player in the city!!! a hard
>task ,i admit but one worth striving for.And if i only get part way
>there,which i already have......the dream is the thing.If it be your
>will to be the best looper,then all blessings be upon you!!My friend is
>looping because he didnt have the talent to do what he really wanted to
>do,and so i presume he will fail here also,because he will be competing
>with loopers who do it because it is their will,not because they couldnt
>handle the rigours of studying guitar.  hence crowleys law.......find
>your will,and DO IT.best to you all.May you do your will.....I'm
>"already gone"
>"Do What Thou Wilt,Shall Be the Whole Of the Law"

Traig Foltz
Audio Production Specialist
University of Notre Dame
Office of Information Technology
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