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Re: diy racks?


   I built myself  a 8 space rack and new speaker cab's,  just kinda
   measured my stuff, and made them by the seat of my pants.
   Found some cheap tolex-like stuff at a cloth store and bought
   some nice spring loaded handles and metal corners from AllParts.com.
   Came out okay for a freshman effort.

   Here's a photo of the cabinets after tolex and before hardware 
   The rack had not yet gotten the tolex treatment...


  Be glad to help  if you want specifics,  but most of the answers lie
  with a tape measure and your tablesaw!


diatom drone wrote:

> It seems to me like somebody recently posted a url that had measurements 
> basics for making equipment racks from scratch, and as I'm setting up a 
> studio anywhere I can save a few bucks is welcome. I searched the archive
> with little luck, and the site seems to have magically disappeared from 
> bookmarks. Does anyone have this link handy? Any and all info much
> appreciated!
> Jon