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Re: diy racks? Wrong URL! Sorry...

   The URL Should be:


   Sorry for the boo boo...


Jason Fink wrote:

> Jon,
>    I built myself  a 8 space rack and new speaker cab's,  just kinda
>    measured my stuff, and made them by the seat of my pants.
>    Found some cheap tolex-like stuff at a cloth store and bought
>    some nice spring loaded handles and metal corners from AllParts.com.
>    Came out okay for a freshman effort.
>    Here's a photo of the cabinets after tolex and before hardware 
>    The rack had not yet gotten the tolex treatment...
>                http://gisweb.cabq.gov/rig/rig1b.jpg
>   Be glad to help  if you want specifics,  but most of the answers lie
>   with a tape measure and your tablesaw!
> later,
> -jas
> http://dimbulb.org