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Re: hey all from randy clark and crowsong!!!!!

Hi Randy and Crowsong

I'd love to hear your CD. I run a small independent on-line distribution 
there may be scope for distributing your CD as well, if it fits in..
I am particularly interested in looping and the guitar.
Is it an independent production or are you with a label?
You can have a look at the existing site (www.rustyrobot.com) although it's
totally obsolete and in the next few days I am about to upload a completely
new one with different design, new catalogue and credit card transaction

If you wish to send a copy the address is:
57 Great North Road,
Barnet, Herts EN5 1AY
United Kingdom


Roberto Battista
Tel. 0044 020 8449 1995
Mobile 0775 960 4344
independent on-line music distribution,
the music you can't find elsewhere,
contemporary classical, eclectic, world...
an exciting project on technology applied to
mobile education for developing countries and
remote locations...