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Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

>I asked Don about disabling the pitch shift from the time stretch, I'd 
>the option of changing the delay time and getting pitch shifts like an old
>digital delay, especially being able to overdub thru different settings,
>but this is kinda an esoteric request,,,

Mark...thanks for bringing this up.  IMO, this IS NOT AN ESOTERIC 
REQUEST.  With the power that the Repeater packs, can this not be 
done?  If not now, maybe with a software update?

To me, this would be the total icing on the cake and the clincher for 
me getting a Repeater...maybe more than one.  The only reason i've 
got my Digitech PDS pedals anymore is for just that (and the hold 

Electrix....please, please, please?

thanks for the reviews, gentlemen.