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Re: Fractal looping

 A pity late to mention surround as the alternative to the MONO shift salad
of Phil Spector.
Room sound is not a new thing.At least an old thing.

After establishing Stereo Sound,the engineers were busy to make a
quadrophonic sound in the early
Traced from this,todays surround sound is old dutch cheese.

Tjhe problem of todays surround is the compression.For movie it is OK.For
Audio a worse situation.
A Stereo signal gets splitted up in pseudo surround

Does someone remeber the World Exhibitiomn in Osaka 1970 ? Stockhausen had 
Pavillion for 
surrounding sound on this fair.Does someone remember ? 
Well,the sound of this construction was much better as what we call today

It needed a flexible kind of live electronic musican,today we would call it
DJ,to bring this
sounds to the folks.
30 years later we still grabble in a sound,wich could be expanded more.

I stil have not heard a DVD wich shows another direction.DVD can,but it
depends on the artist.
So todays   surround is only a shadow of that,what could be really possible


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>Well...2001...SURROUND ! ! !
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>> I donīt think that Italo follows the wall of sound of Phil Spector ! 
>> was monophonic.
>> Marty
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>> >Italo De Angelis wrote:
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>> >> ...and think you can do THIS all with just ONE POWERFUL unit, MARTIN 
>! !
>> >>
>> >
>> >Italo
>> >
>> >why do you own two of them ?
>> >isnt one enough to fill the complete spectrum with a wall of sounds and
>> >events
>> >what could you use a second orville for
>> >
>> >
>> >Claude
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