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Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

>landman@wco.com wrote:
>>The pitch shifting/time stretching sounded very impressive in small to
>>medium intervals, not quite as impressive in larger ones like one octave
>>up, or two down.
>heartily disagreed: depends on the qualities yer interested in, eh?
>i *really* like repeater's 'sound' when slowing down/speeding up a 
>--- but, most especially *slowing down* the sample's original tempo:
>there's nothing like continuosly slowing the entire band down from 
>160-bpm to
>1-bpm to get a sonic fuckwit's brains a-boiling.....
>dt / s-c

Well, this is true too, since you toss out roughly 50% of the original
signal each time you drop an octave thru pitchshifting, by the time you get
to 1 bpm you've got some strange flangey sounding texture, (this was demo'd
too, I imagine 4 tracks of it could be pretty neat), but for sounding
"appropriate", i.e. resembling strongly the original source signal, that
ain't happenin...

I asked Don about disabling the pitch shift from the time stretch, I'd like
the option of changing the delay time and getting pitch shifts like an old
digital delay, especially being able to overdub thru different settings,
but this is kinda an esoteric request,,,