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re: playing with DJs

>Stephen wrote:
>"Nope, a turntable isn't a musical instrument no matter how great it
>Ouch!!!!!   Listen to DJ Shadow's record, "Endtroducing" and tell me that
>the turntable is not an instrument.
>I believe an instrument is any device with which a musician makes music.
>That was a more creative, innovative,
>and musical record than 90% of all of the convential instrument recordings
>that were put out that year.

I dont like to stretch words too much. Since about any object creates 
some sound and with any sound music can be created, all objects would 
be musical instruments so the word looses its sense and nothing is 
acomplished. We should give meaning to words, not destroy them.
The expression is usefull when limited to objects that are built or 
at least modified for that purpose. But I am not going into the 
discussion whether and which turn tables are made to creat music...

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