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re: playing with DJs

Stephen wrote:
"Nope, a turntable isn't a musical instrument no matter how great it

Ouch!!!!!   Listen to DJ Shadow's record, "Endtroducing" and tell me that
the turntable is not an instrument.
I believe an instrument is any device with which a musician makes music.
That was a more creative, innovative,
and musical record than 90% of all of the convential instrument recordings
that were put out that year.

Also, check out the rhythm pyrotechnics of the Scratch Pickles or that
fabulous DJ who "plays" with
Beck's live tour.    Considerably hipper and more accomplished (in terms of
rhythmic acuity and precision and
chops) than 90% of the drummers I see play live. (Hopefully you are not one
of those people who considers
drummers to be non-musicians ;-).   I've learned as much about rhythm and
timbre and musical conception
form DJs as I have from other more conventional instrumentalists in the 
couple of years.

It strikes me that in the early seventies, convential instrumentalists
questioned the 'authenticity' of synthesizers.
In the eighties, the same folks questioned the 'authenticity' of drum
machines and samplers.
In the eighties and nineties, the same people questioned the musicality of
rap/techno and drum and bass.
A tool is a tool.  A style, a style.  An instrument, an instrument.

Most people don't do very creative things with strings, guitars, horns,
basses and drums so I agree with you
that most DJ's are not using their turntables as 'instruments'.   Musical
innovation is musical innovation, however and,
like it or lump it, the turntable (and the increasing use of creative "in
the moment" mixing effects, including------he says
bringing it back on to topic--------digital loopers) is here to stay as a
legitimate instrument.

Yours, in mock righteous anger,   Rick Walker (loop.pool)