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Re: Nord Modular question

At 1:27 PM -0700 5/14/01, Mark Pulver wrote:
>Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) (12:51 PM 05/14/01) wrote:
>(wow!) Hi!
>>One of the things I'm thinking of here is to have a sequence or the
>>output of a delay going into the Nord. The basic sound would be a steady
>>state 'drone' modifying the input signal (filter, volume control, or 
>>effect) and outputting it. I would then program a sequence of MIDI keys
>>to each apply an envelope which would affect one of the effects. So (e. 
>>hitting a particular MIDI note might cause an Lfo to be applied to the
>>filter while the key is down).
>You can definitely do this with the Nord Modular (the Micro Modular as 
>You can separate MIDI data coming into the machine as GATE and NOTE. 
>So, to do what you're looking for, you would run a line from the 
>GATE input to an Envelope Generator; an LFO into a "VCA", then the 
>VCA to a filter. When you hit a key, or otherwise send MIDI note 
>data, the GATE will fire the EG, which will open the VCA, which will 
>modulate the filter.
>There is also a note detector/splitter module which you can use to 
>set up different things to happen on different notes.
>I think that you'd have a lot of fun with the machine Doc.

Probably I  would. I used to have a badly homebuild analog modular 
system that I dumped because I was tired of fixing bad solder joints, 
and because it couldn't save anything.

My concern is that how do I prevent the incoming midi note data from 
retriggering the note. e. g. I set up a one octave monophonic drone 
from C3 to C4, then I want B2 to trigger an envelope that changes the 
filtering of the drone. I don.t want to retrigger or otherwise change 
the pitch of the existing drone. Its not clear from me from the docs 
that I can do this.

>>Have any of you tried anything like this. Probably I should post this to
>>one of the users's forums.
>If you want to, the "main" NM list recently moved off of Wizoo. You 
>can subscribe to it by sending email:
>   to:   majordomo@invert.com
>   body: subscribe nord-modular
>Good luck!

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