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Nord Modular question


I've been thinking of buying a  Nord Modular, but I'm not really sure 
it can do what I want. What I want to do is to set up a monophonic 
patch that creates a long sustained note, (using oscillators or the 
external audio inputs), and then to use keypresses on synthesizer 
(through MIDI) keys to trigger envelopes that affect this long note. 
Its not clear from the manual whether it is possible to do this 
without having the keypress retrigger or otherwise affect the steady 
state sound of the patch.

One of the things I'm thinking of here is to have a sequence or the 
output of a delay going into the Nord. The basic sound would be a 
steady state 'drone' modifying the input signal (filter, volume 
control, or other effect) and outputting it. I would then program a 
sequence of MIDI keys to each apply an envelope which would affect 
one of the effects. So (e. g. hitting a particular MIDI note might 
cause an Lfo to be applied to the filter while the key is down).

Have any of you tried anything like this. Probably I should post this 
to one of the users's forums.
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