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re: DL 4 modeller problems

Rick Walker wrote:

>Hey group,  I contacted George Van Wagner at line 6 about my gripes about
>their warranty service time lag, and though I have not talked to him yet, 
>sent me a very gracious letter back insisting that he wants to talk to me
>ASAP and affirming that he is very , very concerned about the reputation 
>Line 6's customer service.  I was impressed with his sincerity!


hey, great!  glad you got in touch with george...he seems to be a 
very sincere gentlemen and that notion is not lost when you meet him 
in person.  seems he has been in the 'biz' for some time (i think he 
worked for midiman before joining L6), and really likes what he is 

>I think that I will start to forward him our discussions about future 
>Line 6
>products (like the recent rash of disses on the
>new Line 6 filter modeller, of which I was one).    This company does seem
to give a shit about what we, in the trenches

if i remember correctly, George was subscribing to LD prior to and up 
to the original release of the DL4.  although i think the amount of 
mail might have gotten to be a bit much...he watches over the L6 web 
board, which is a buttload of stuff to weed through enough...and if 
you think we're a bunch of whining little brats, ya ain't seen 
nothin' till you spend a bit o' time over at the line6 board.

i would recommend asking him how he would prefer our requests to be 
sent.  The line6 board works well to post issues and get alot of 
response from other users, and there are direct email portals to 
line6 as well...check the website...ideas@line6.com?  (i think?)

would hate to deluge george with unsolicited mails...although your 
idea is cool.  hope you get your pedal back soon!