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re: DL 4 modeller problems

Hey group,  I contacted George Van Wagner at line 6 about my gripes about
their warranty service time lag, and though I have not talked to him yet, 
sent me a very gracious letter back insisting that he wants to talk to me
ASAP and affirming that he is very , very concerned about the reputation of
Line 6's customer service.  I was impressed with his sincerity!

I think that I will start to forward him our discussions about future Line 
products (like the recent rash of disses on the
new Line 6 filter modeller, of which I was one).    This company does seem
to give a shit about what we, in the trenches, think
about their gear so I think we could really aid them if we corresponded 
them as well as grousing or praising their respective products.
While we are at it, we should probably do this with all of the companies 
design looping gear (exept, possibly, the 10,000 grouses about
the tardiness of the Repeater appearance ;-)

I, for one, have all but quit using my 3 jammans (no, I'm not going to be
selling them anytime soon ;-), because the
Line 6 looping pedal is so awesome.   I'm with Miko in his assessment of
John Whooley's brilliant performance with one mic, a line 6 pedal and
an expression pedal and nothing else............it surely sent me back to
the drawing board!!!!

yours,   Rick Walker