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Re: Echoplex Digital Pro - Copy Timing Only Blues

Hi Paul!

> . . .
> The workaround of hitting RECORD then terminating the loop so that the
drum machine is
> started in sync, then recording successive loops with no actual recording
is, at best, tolerable.
> . . .

I don't know exactly what you need to do, but have you considered using 
type of MIDI controller such as a Peavey PC-1600x?  You could program a
sequence of EDP operations that are triggered by a single MIDI controller
button push.  Of course, if you have a computer w/ MIDI interface you could
use something like Building Blocks (see
ml ) to construct the same functionality.

IMHO, one of the really cool things about the EDP is that virtually all
functions can be controlled via MIDI.  So you can look at the "basic" front
panel operations as primitive functions that you can chain together to
construct your own operations.

'Course with enough of that, you'll have to get some roadies...

Dennis Leas