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re: DL 4 modeller problems

also, while we are gushing about L6's customer service approach...

if ya's want to, check out:


this is the home site for a very enthusiastic L6 user, who happens to 
make some pretty damn good patches for POD, and also hosts the 
monthly LA Line6 Users Meeting.  If any of you are in the LA area and 
want to check out a bunch of geeks going off about Line6 gear...Andy 
Z can provide the times and place.  I've been to only one meeting 
quite some time ago, since driving INTO LA during rush hour traffic 
is something you only do when absolutely neccessary.  Line6 fully 
supports these meetings and usually use it to introduce new products 
before they hit the shelves, get first hand customer feedback, help 
folks dial in their setups, and more.  Sometimes they've got a hot 
shot demo'ing stuff...I think Reeves Gabrels was at the last one...